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Honorable clients, partners, and employees of Credit Bank!

We present you with the 2017 annual report of Credit Bank.

Throughout 2017 banking system in whole strived to keep the sustainability, continuously manage the payment settlements, and keep the quality of the loan portfolio.

The commercial banks in Mongolia for the past year striven hard to increase their market shares, improve the quality of the loan portfolio, and introduce new services to clients. Currently in Mongolia, the savings insurance and loan information systems have been established, and banking services are being provided to international quality standards. Banks cooperation through the Mongolian Banking Association is strengthening year by year delivering positive results. As per Credit Bank, it steadily kept its phase throughout 2017, satisfied Mongol Bank required indicators with adequate reserves, and achieved positive financial results as of the end of the year. 

In 2017, our bank kept delivering high-quality services to our clients, expanding credit activities in all areas, bookkeeping the current accounts, and increased the money transfer amount.

As same as in previous years the consumer credit service continues to remain in focus of our operation. Amongst our clients' auto leasing, consumables loan, student fee, and small business credit are still highly popular.

We believe the development and operational growth of Credit Bank will benefit to our clients and contribute to the development of Mongolian economy.

Let us express our gratitude to all of our clients, and partners for a trust bestowed upon us and cooperation.    

A.Y.Melexov, The chairman of the Board of Directors of the “Credit Bank”


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