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The Credit Bank was established by the resolution 503 of the President of the Mongol Bank, dated December 19, 1997, and inaugurated its operations on April 10, 1998; hence for the 20th year, steadily operating in the banking sector of Mongolia, strengthening our position, and delivering fast and quality services to our customers.

Credit Bank is 100% foreign-invested bank, and it is owned by “Harshal Holdings Limited” LLC from Cyprus. The mission of our bank is to become one of the leading and well-recognized banks of the national banking and financial services sector, by utilizing the technology and intellectual developments, and operating in international level and well respecting our clients and customers.

Main activities

Credit Bank provides its services according to the following official permissions:

  • Permission to conduct such activitiesas savings,  loans and payments given by the order of the Mongolbank President №137 from April 10, 1998;
  • Ordinary permission for the international transfer given by the order of the Mongolbank President №328 from July 15, 1999;
  • Permission to grant guarantee and to conduct activities with precious metal and stones given by the order of the Mongolbank President №225 from April 27, 2004
  • By the resolution A-141 of the President of the Mongol Bank, dated June 17, 2016, we obtained a financial lease operation license.


Provide customers with quality service and products based on modern technology, assist in the growth of Mongolia's economy and development of individuals and legal entities.


Be the leading bank with a high technology to achieve customer satisfaction, assist in the growth of Mongolian economy, honor discipline and eco environment.


  • Competent personnel
  • Customer
  • Trust
  • Continuous development

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