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We use the S.W.I.F.T network, with the most advanced technology for fast and reliable international money transfer. The money will be transferred within 1-3 business days depending on receiver's bank and country. SWIFT is the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications and to transfer money.

Fill in the form correctly in English and capital letters.

please note if you make mistakes in filling the form additional fees are applicable.

You can also send and receive money. To receive money you don’t have open an account with our bank, e.g. you can receive your money telling your name and registration number.

Additional information is needed from those who are transferring rubles to Russia.

  • BIK code – Russian bank code, 9 characters
  • 30101ххххххххххххххх- clearing account number of a recipient bank, 20 characters
  • Account number of a recipient bank
  • INN number- Russia’s Taxpayer's Identification Number



 Up to $5 000 

15 000  ₮

 5 000 – 50 000$ 

20 000  ₮

50 001 – 100 000$

30 000 ₮

Up to 100 001

50 000 ₮

Cancel a transfer*

35 000 ₮

To change details of transfer *

45 000 ₮


Up to RUB 200 000 

15 000 ₮

RUB 200 000-2 000 000 

20 000 ₮

More than RUB 2 000 000 

0,05% (max- RUB1 500 )

Cancel a transfer*

30 000 ₮

To change details of transfer*

Other currency*

convert to USD

 2% comission is charged from the cash handed RUB

Note:   *  Not included fees of the Third Bank 


Foreign transfer fee (corporation)

For all foreign currency


 To receive payment

• You will be required to fill in the "Information Form to Receive Transfers" form and send it to your transmitter bank so that you can get paid within 1-3 working days from any country of the world.

• You are welcome to receive payments in foreign currency other than your own currency, but you are advised to receive transfers in your own currency in order to avoid falling into the currency risk. Please note that the purpose of the payment should be accurate and clear to avoid the risk of delaying transactions.

• When you fill out the "Information Forms to Receive Foreign Transfers", please note the following:

• Account No.: Part of the cardholder's account number account number.

• Account holder Name: The name or account name registered in our banking system in English and Latin.

• Address: Enter your registered address with our bank.

• Enter the telephone number and mobile phone number in the Telephone number: If this happens, for any reason your payment can not be immediately executed, this information is required to communicate with you in a timely manner.

• Please be sure to fill in the form as soon as possible, because your overseas transfers will be delayed and return due to the fact that you have not correctly filled out the "Information Sheet for Transfers". (For example, in the "Recipient's Name" section, you must only write the name of the account you want to receive, while the name of the workplace, the name of the principal, the name of the relatives, etc. ...

• Please note that the Korean law states foreign transfers going out bound from Korea are not allowed to be done in Korean Won (KRW), transfers are to be made in foreign currency.

• Reminder  (pdf file)


Further information is available at:, Telephone: 319038 (141).



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