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Consumer loan / Concern secured personal loan/

Purpose of the loan

Concern secured personal loan to finance all individuals’ personal and household cash needs

Loan terms:

Loan amount

Up to MNT 100,000,000

Loan interest (monthly)


(Borrowers qualified for 2nd loan - 1.6%)

Loan interest (yearly)


(Borrowers qualified for 2nd loan - 19.2%)

Loan term

Up to 36 months


Can pledge real state (apartment, garage, parking lot) located in Ulaanbaatar

Cannot pledge private homes and lands /with houses/

/Value of the collateral should be 2 times higher than sum of the principal and interest payable during validity of the Loan Agreement/ 

True cost of loan (monthly)


(Borrowers qualified for 2nd loan - 1.6%)

True cost of loan (yearly)


(Borrowers qualified for 2nd loan - 19.2%)


  • Low interest
  • No loan service fees
  • Long term loan

Requirements for borrower and co-borrower:

  • Must be a Mongolian citizen having full legal and financial capabilities;
  • Co-borrower must be a family member (spouse, parents, brothers, sisters, grandparents or children);
  • Must have been employed in the same organization for at least 6 months;
  • For self-employed individuals, must be regularly operating business activities continuously for a minimum of 1 year;
  • Must not have any loan default records or bad credit histories from other banks and non-banking financial institutions regarding debts payable.

Requirements for financial responsibility of borrower and co-borrower:

  • Must have regular income (salary or business income);
  • Sum of monthly repayments (principal and interest) must not exceed 40-50% of monthly net income;
  • Regular income (salary or business income) must be confirmed by social insurance book or bank statement.

Requirements for the collateral:

  • Must pledge immovable properties (apartment, parking lot, garage) located in Ulaanbaatar;
  • Must not pledge private homes and lands (with houses);
  • Value of the collateral must be 2 times higher than sum of principal and interest payable during term of the Loan Agreement and its ownership title must be vested in the borrower and co-borrower;
  • The collateral must be free from any encumbrances including secured payment obligation, pledge or guarantee.


Borrower and co-borrower must collect and submit the following documents to credit officer of the bank:

  • Loan application;
  • ID card;
  • Application (use bank template);
  • Reference of residence;
  • If salaried employee, last 6 month’s salary reference, employment agreement, original social insurance book and social insurance premium payment reference;
  • If self-employed, documents confirmed income sources (license, permit, financial document, debt list or contract related to business operation, taxpayer’s book, pension book etc.); 
  • Bank statements;
  • Original Concernownership certificate;
  • Reference of property ownership right certificate;
  • Notarized consent approving to pledge the collateral or co-borrower’s collateral;
  • Loan agreement, pledge agreement, repayment schedule and reference on outstanding loan amount, if got loan from other banks;
  • Other documents and materials required by the bank during eligibility investigation.

Further information is available at:,  Telephone: 94100500.94100600.94100700. 319038 (120, 121, 123, 124. 125).


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